Zealandia: The eighth continent of the world

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When was Zealandia discovered?

There are seven continents in the world that have been read in geography books since childhood. But this time it may have to change. Scientists are talking about the existence of the eighth continent. That claim is certainly not new.

However, for the first time, scientists have come up with a possible map of the eighth continent. At the same time, much more information including the size of the eighth continent was also given. Scientists claim that this eighth continent sank to the bottom of the sea many years ago. The eighth continent is called 'Zealandia'.

Scientists have been studying the eighth continent 'Zealandia' since 1995. The study was completed in 2017, three years ago. What does the continent look like? New Zealand scientists have also made a possible map of it. New Zealand research institute 'GNS Science' is working on this issue That GNS science has published the map of the eighth continent. 

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Map of Zealandia Continent

The eighth continent, Zealandia, is located just north of New Zealand, east of Australia. According to scientists, the continent sank in the sea about two and a half billion years ago Looking at the map, it is understood that everything except a small part in the middle of the eighth continent 'Zealandia' sank. And the part that stays awake is what is now New Zealand. 

New Zealand scientists have developed a tectonic and bathymetric design of the eighth continent based on the information that has come to light about 'Zealandia' so far. They estimated that the continent of 'Zealandia' was about 5 million square kilometers. The study further claims that the continent sank to a depth of about 3800 feet in the Pacific Ocean. Although a mountain on that continent called 'Lord Howe Rise Balls Pyramid' is out on the sea. From this, it can be inferred that a large area has been submerged in the sea. That is the eighth continent 'Zealandia'.