Bermuda history: Garena Free Fire posted about Bermuda map

, August 12, 2020 WAT
Last Updated 2020-08-11T19:11:37Z

In Garena Free Fire, the Bermuda map is the default and most used map by Free Fire players. Nowadays, every game tries to create a story for gamers to make games interesting. Recently Garena Free Fire posted a history about the in-game Bermuda map.

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Free Fire Bermuda Map image 2020

History of Bermuda

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the island of Bermuda was once upon a time unknown and untouched by humankind. The Great War brought about a modernization to the once inhabited land on water and soon, the grounds became bombarded by attacks from every angle.

However, once the war ended, they retreated and left behind the structures and created a haunting, lonely atmosphere on the island.

This is the history of Bermuda island of mobile FPS battle royal game Garena Free Fire