REELS: Facebook Launches It's TikTok Rival in Instagram

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Last Updated 2021-03-25T05:32:16Z
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REELS - Instagram's new features

Instagram, a Facebook-owned company, has unveiled a TikTok like feature. Initially, this feature was made available to Instagram users in about 50 countries. This new feature of Instagram has been named 'Reels'.

The decision by Facebook comes a day after Microsoft said it was interested in buying the US-based business of TikTok, a popular short-term video-sharing platform owned by Chinese company Byte Dance. With the opening of the REELS, a battle between Facebook and TikTok began. The Reels feature, which has been unveiled on Instagram is expected to attract teens.
This 'REELS' feature was first piloted in 2018 in Brazil. Subsequently, it was tested one by one in France, Germany, and India. These markets are a big part of TikTok business.