Space Toilet: Horrible room on the space station

, September 07, 2020 WAT
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NASA astronaut  Peggy Whitson has spent 665 days on the International Space Station. Spending 665 days in space means spending a long time. According to astronaut Peggy Whitson, the most frightening thing in life while in space was using the toilet or washroom. Since gravity doesn't work in space, using a washroom there is a big hassle. Peggy Whitson recounts her ordeal after returning to Earth from space. 

In an interview with Business Insider, Peggy Whitson said that spending 665 days in space is a record for NASA. However, Russian astronauts spend more time on the International Space Station. She is returning to Earth and is missing the weightless atmosphere of space. But Peggy also breathed a sigh of relief after being freed from using the spacecraft's toilet or washroom.
Peggy said, 
'The International Space Station is not a hotel. The toilet system there is very miserable. Urination is relatively easy. The astronauts urinate in the middle of a funnel with a fan. This is to prevent the urine from floating in the weightless environment of space. The urine was then recycled for eight days and the astronauts drank the recycled water again. 80 to 85 percent of urine is recycled in this way. But if you want to defecate, the problem is a little more. There is a plate-shaped leak in the toilet where defecation is to be done. Like urination, it is stored in a plastic bag with the help of a fan.
Peggy distorted her face and said that when she started filling the bag, she had to press the plastic gloves and take more space in it. Only when the bag is fully filled is it loaded into a cargo ship with other garbage. It is burnt to ashes by the friction of the atmosphere pulled by the earth.
This process is often a hassle. The toilet is not working, pieces of feces are floating in the air and astronauts are rushing to catch it.