Chemical Explosion: A Disaster

, August 05, 2020 WAT
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Chemical reaction

What is a chemical explosion?

An explosive or explosive substance is a type of substance capable of detonating. It stores high levels of energy, which are expressed through explosions. Suddenly, in a very short time, this huge amount of energy is released through chemical reactions. Which is expressed in the form of light, heat, sound, and pressure.

The energy stored in an explosive can be:

Chemical energy such as nitroglycerin pressure energy i.e., high-pressure gas such as gas atomic energy of gas cylinder or aerosol i.e., nuclear explosion, such as: fissionable isotope of uranium-235 and plutonium-239.
Explosives can be classified by the velocity of the explosion.

It is capable of exploding faster than any explosive sound which is called high explosive.

Explosives are also classified by their sensitivity to explosives. Here is how a substance explodes at low pressure or heat.

Explosives that explode at low heat or pressure are known as primary explosives.

 Explosives that explode at relatively high temperatures or pressures, on the other hand, are known as secondary explosives.
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