Vivo started working with 6-G phones

, October 27, 2019 WAT
Last Updated 2019-10-27T13:12:23Z

Chinese company Vivo has started building 6G network-supported smartphones before the 5G smartphone comes into the mainstream. Still, no one has many ideas about 6G network technology. However, Vivo is patenting the 6-G logo as part of the advance preparation. Vivo recently applied for the patent at the European Union Intellectual Property Office.
When the 6G network is launched and Vivo's smartphone is released to market, the logo will be used on vivo smartphones. It is believed that Vivo has already started working with 6G to capture and promote the market.

Huawei, another Chinese technology company, is currently testing 5G technology in countries around the world. According to Huawei, 6G will not be operational before 2030.

Vivo recently launched the 5-G feature phone Nex 3 in the Chinese market. The 6.89-inch waterfall display features Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, in-screen fingerprint sensor.