How to get approved for AdSense?

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Google AdSense Approved key takeaways

Key takeaways of how to get approved for adsense

  1. Place Complete and correct ads code on your website.
  2. Your website must be reachable by worldwide audience.
  3. Make sure your website is following google's policy compliant.

Place complete and correct ads code

After you generating your adsense website approval site code, you have to paste the code into the HTML of your site. You need to place the ad code in the head tag or at the top of the body of your page. Never edit anything by yourself in the ad code. Please make sure you have placed the code into the same site you've added in your Adsense account. That's how you can verify your website for adsense approval. There is an alternative of that also.

You can verify your site ownership in Google Search Console instead. If google detected that you verify your website in Google Search Console they will continue checking if your site is ready to show ads.

Your website should reachable globally

If you want Google Adsense approval make sure that your website is reachable by wordwide audience. Google often review websites that may be down or not loading correctly. In that case, they will unable to review your site. Make sure that the URL you used to sign up for the AdSense account is correct and running globally. Also, make sure your website is not blocking google crawler in your robots.txt file to avoid any crawler issues. 

Make sure your website is following google's policy compliant

According to Google, they observed three main violations by it's publishers.

1. Low-value content

Make sure the content is original and valuable to your users.

2. Copy or replicated content

Ensure that your contents are unique and not repetitive on different pages of your site. When the same content is found replicated on your pages or on other sites, your website won't be approved.

3. Deceptive site navigation

Users need to be able to easily navigate your site. This can be achieved by categorising your content using menu bars and so on.