Office Politics: What employees and job seekers need to know!

, September 07, 2020 WAT
Last Updated 2020-09-07T17:25:17Z

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Office politics or office politics

Victims of office politics can often damage the careers and personal lives of young, talented, and qualified employees. Even much senior staff and office politicians are victimized. In some cases, many institutions and politics are severely damaged.

What is office politics?

Office politics is the pursuit of self-interest, the exercise of power, or the exploitation of privileges by individuals or groups working in an organization. In this case, the individuals working in the organization are engaged in abuse of power against each other for the purpose of gaining special benefits and attention in the workplace.

What is the cause of office politics?

  • These politics comes to the fore when people working in the office try to get more or fewer benefits than they can afford.
  • Poor management and control power is one of the main reasons. Excessive criticism of each other in the workplace also results in the development of office politics in the organization.
  • The excessive competitive environment in the organization also causes division among the employees.
  • Kinship, violence, priority to others, excessive sniffing at the work of others.
  • It is also a kind of office politics to look down on others by giving them an extra priority.
  • Creating a communication gap between everyone in their own interest. 

What to do to get protection from office politics?

  • Not trying to prove yourself big by discussing the mistakes of others. 
  • Maintaining honesty and transparency and keeping busy with your work can keep you free from office politics. There is no substitute for it to attract the attention of office bosses. 
  • Big problems are created when others look bad or seniors react unnecessarily to a decision or action. Try to restrain yourself as much as possible to react even if the work is wrong in your eyes. Or, if you think it's important to say so, you can deal with the matter politely by following the corporate culture, but you can't argue.
  • No one's personal problem should be involved, commented on, or dealt with. You can avoid office politics a lot.
  • Try to avoid those who have a bad habit of spreading rumors against others in the office as much as possible.
  • If you can't control your mood in the office, a political group will be formed against you. So keep your mood under control at all times. Avoid hot tempers against bosses or colleagues or subordinates.
  • Set your personal goals in the office where you are working and try to focus on those goals.
There may be many more undesirable issues with office politics that are discussed here. So they will come under control while doing the job.