Blanche Monnier: The awful tale of aristocrat, locked up for 25 years

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Blanche Monnier

On March 1, 1849, a beautiful girl was born into a wealthy and aristocratic French family. Blanche Monier was chosen as the girl's name because it was also the family's last name. The generosity of the Monier family was legendary. They did so much for the neighborhood that the city honored them for their benevolence. Blanche Monier was one of her parent's two children. Marcel Monier is a famous lawyer who goes by that name. In Monier's case, having a son and a daughter was more than enough.

Stunning in her beauty was Blanche. A mother's pride in her daughter has no bounds. At that point, the girl had matured into a young woman. Aged 25 years and five months. Blanche's mother made the choice to wed a wealthy nobleman from one of Blanche's favorite families. Blanche is thinking about someone else while she waits. A common attorney, that's what he does for a living. Everyone in the family is really low-key.

Blanch introduces her mother to the man she has chosen for herself. However, her mother turned him down since he was neither aristocratic nor a social fixture. Blanche was instructed by her mother to wed her mother's choice of a suitor. Blanche was locked in a closet by her mother when she argued against the choice. If she agreed to her mother's decision, Blanche would be allowed to leave the house that very same day. But the girl was just as firm in her resolve as her mother. She will only marry the man she loves, if she must get married.

Blanche has never wavered from her original decision, even as the years have passed. The mother's prideful, unyielding attitude remains unchanged. That's why the release is off. Blanche's husband of many years passed away in 1885. Even after Monnier's death, he remained behind bars. Blanche's mother and brother act as though they are mourning her death in public. House staff were aware of the situation but were too intimidated by the Monier family's social standing to speak up. This pattern has persisted for 25 years!

Then, in 1901, the Parisian Attorney General received an anonymous letter that had been sent 25 years earlier. The letter's author was never identified. According to the article, Monier's family has harbored an individual for a considerable amount of time. He initially avoided considering Monier's family's socioeconomic situation, but eventually mandated research into the matter.

Soldiers decided to come back after searching the residence and finding nothing. But all of a sudden they noticed a foul odor within the home. Following the scent, they found themselves in the attic, where they discovered a hidden, sealed room. There was only one little window in the room, and it was covered by heavy drapes. Absolutely nothing was visible from the outside. In an act of suspicion, an army smashed the glass in the window. A woman was chained up in one corner of the room, and they could see her through the shattered window. When they saw her, the soldiers burst through the door and into a terrifying interior.

Blanche, Monier's wife, was squished into a tiny bed amidst rotting food and a swarm of bugs. This man spent 25 years shut away from the outside world, without even a window or a door to allow in fresh air. The expression was equally strange. The hospital admitted her right away. A mere 22 kilograms at the time! Unfortunately for Monier Blanche, she was unable to forget the terrible events that had transpired over the past quarter of a century. So she had severe mental issues because of that. In France, he was admitted to a psychiatric facility. He stayed there till she passed away in 1913. For her "crime" of wanting to wed the guy she loved, she received this penalty.

And how did this affect Blanche's mom and dad? In the wake of Blanche's rescue, both her mother and brother were taken into custody. She was released on bond to take care of her sick mother. However, by that time, the tale had already spread. An furious mob showed up at their door fifteen days after Blanche was rescued. Mrs. Monier collapsed from fear and died of a heart attack. Thus, a neat world is destroyed by excessive hubris and ego.

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