Blanche Monnier: The awful tale of aristocrat, locked up for 25 years

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Blanche Monnier

March 1, 1849. A beautiful girl was born into a rich and aristocratic family in France. Monier's family named the girl Blanche Monier after their surname. Monier's family was well known in the area for their generosity. In recognition of their generosity, they even received a Community Award. Monier's parents had a son in addition to their daughter Blanche Monier. Name Marcel Monier, a well-known lawyer by profession. Monier's family was happy with one son and one daughter.

Blanche was a beautiful girl. There is no end to the pride of the mother in the form of the daughter. The girl was then a full-fledged young woman. 25 years old. Blanche's mother decided to marry one of the pots of her chosen aristocratic family. But in the meantime, Blanche is sitting with another person in mind. He is an ordinary lawyer by profession. The family is also very simple.
Blanch brings the man of her choice in front of her mother. But her mother refused him as he was not aristocratic and well-known in society. She told Blanche to marry the man Blanche's mother chose. But when she refused to accept the decision, Blanche was locked in a small room by her mother. She was strictly informed that Blanche would be released from the house on the same day that she would accept her mother's decision. But the girl, like the mother, was adamant in her decision. If she has to get married, she will do it to the man she loves, not to anyone else!

As the years go by, Blanche remains adamant in her decision. The mother's arrogant-stubborn mind does not melt. As a result, the release does not match. In 1885, Blanche's beloved man died. Monnier locked up even after his death! Meanwhile, Blanche's mother and brother pretend in the society that they were mourning the loss of Blanche! Even though the house servants were known about it, they were afraid to tell anyone because of the social influence of the Monier's family. Twenty-five years had passed in this way!

Then, 25 years later, in 1901, an anonymous letter reached the Attorney General of Paris. It was never known who sent the letter. It said Monier's family has kept one person in their home for many years. Though he did not want to think about the social status of Monier's family at first, he later ordered an investigation.
When the soldiers searched the house and found nothing, the soldiers decided to return. But suddenly they found a bad smell in the house. Following that smell, they reached the attic and saw a dark locked room. The room had only one closed small window, also with thick curtains. Nothing could be seen from outside. An army broke the window glass out of suspicion. Through the broken glass, they saw a woman chained in one corner of the room! Seeing her, the soldiers broke down the door and entered a horrible scene.
Monier's Blanche was lying in a small bed between rotten food and billions of insects. During these 25 years, he was completely isolated from the light and air outside. The look had also become weird. She was immediately admitted to the hospital. At that time her weight was only 22 kg! But Monier Blanche could not erase the horrible memories of the last 25 years from her head. As a result, she had serious mental problems. He was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in France. Until her death in 1913, he spends the rest of her life there. She got this punishment for the 'crime' of trying to marry a man she loved.
And what were the consequences of Blanche's mother and her brother? Blanche's mother and brother were arrested after she was rescued. When her mother fell ill, she went home on bail. But by then everyone knew the story. Fifteen days after Blanche was rescued, an angry mob gathered in front of their home. Mrs. Monier died of a heart attack in panic. Excessive arrogance and ego thus end a tidy world.

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