5 Ways to Improve Your Computer Speed

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How to improve computer speed?

A slow computer is a burden for its owner. Nobody wants a slow pc or computer. So there are 5 tips to improve your computer speed.

1. If the speed of your computer decreases for any reason, the computer must be restarted first. Because if you restart the computer, it will fix some problems by itself. At the same time, all the computer programs will start anew. When a computer restarts, the computer's processor and it's software starts working anew. This process will increase the speed of your computer.

2. Turn on High Performance. Turning on the 'High Performance' option will increase the speed of your computer many times. If the high-performance option is off, the processor and RAM work a little less.

So if you turn on this option, the processor and RAM can work a lot faster. As a result, the speed of the computer increases.

How to enable the High-Performance feature?

First, go to Control Panel. Then go to Hardware and Sound. Then go to Power options. Click Change when the computer Sleeps> Click Hide additional Plans> Tick High performance.

3. Turn on the Adjust for best performance option. If you turn on this option, the process and RAM will work in the ratio that is more necessary in the process of the computer. So if you turn on this option, the speed of the computer will increase a lot.

Right-click on the Windows icon. Then click on System. Then click on the Advanced system setting. A pop up will appear. Click on the setting that is there first. Then select the option called Adjust for best performance. Then click the Apply button below.

4. Clean the disk: Cleaning the disk will increase the speed of your computer a lot. Because unnecessary files can't keep your computer busy. Computer RAM can do a lot more work.

How to clean the disk?

Type Disk Cleanup in the Windows search option. Then a popup window will appear. Then select C drive. Then click OK and click OK.

5. Turn off the Windows Tip option. If the Windows Tip option is on, the computer is always looking for new tips. Due to which Radham is very busy. There is always some work to be done in Radam. Due to which the speed of the computer decreases.

How to turn off the windows tip option?

Click on the Start menu and click on the System option. Then click on Notification and Action and you will get an option called Get Tips, Tricks, and Suggestion as you use windows. Turn this option off.

Start> Settings. Select System, then select Notifications & actions in the left pane.