Teen spends Rs 16 lakh on PUBG in app purchase

, July 17, 2020 WAT
Last Updated 2021-03-25T05:32:16Z
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PUBG - Player Unknown Battle Ground

A teenager from the Indian state of Punjab has spent around Rs 16 lakh on the popular FPS game Pubg (PUBG-Player Unknown Battle Ground).
He spends this money on in-app purchases or purchases inside the game.

His family saved the money for medical expenses. The teenager, a resident of Kharar in Punjab, poured all the money into the pubg mobile game.
The teen's parents said he used three accounts to upgrade his PUBG mobile accounts. Has made multiple in-app purchases for himself and others on the team. Seeing the bank statement, the boy's father fell on his head.
This teenager used to transact using his mother's phone and he used to delete the messages coming from the bank. This has been happening for a long time. The mother thought that the boy was stuck on his smartphone all day to study online.