Get your boarding pass to fly your name on the next mission to Mars!

, July 17, 2020 WAT
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Name boarding pass

NASA is working on a helicopter to be sent to Mars in Corona. The helicopter is being prepared for launch to Mars this month.

NASA had to work for 6 years to build the Rover Robotic Helicopter. So that 23 cameras have been added.
NASA is building a helicopter that can fly for the first time. In fact, NASA wants to test with this robotic helicopter whether it will be able to fly.
The helicopter is a project of NASA's 'Mars Expedition 2020'. Where a Perseverance Rover robot has been designed that will inform scientists about the potential aspects of the Red Planet.
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said: 
For the first time, we want to see a helicopter fly over a planet outside of Earth. The mission is scheduled for July 18.We're going to do something that hasn't happened in human history, and we're on the verge of it.
 This time the helicopter will have a microchip in which the names of the people of the world will be sent. You can also enter your name by going to the link below ...
The link is -  https://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/mars2020/