Sun has entered a 'LOCKDOWN' period

, May 16, 2020 WAT
Last Updated 2021-03-25T05:32:16Z

The sun is currently in the “solar minimum” situation. Scientists say the sun has gone into lock-down. As a result of solar being in the minimum condition, the temperature supplied to the earth at normal time has decreased a lot.

As a result, the incidence of the sun's temperature on Earth has decreased. Astronomer Tony Phillips said: "The world is about to enter the deepest period of time before the sun's light will virtually disappear. The sun's solar minimum is running. It is very deep. Sunspot calculations show that it is in the deepest position of the last century. This means that more cosmic energy is entering the solar system. "

"If extra-cosmic rays enter the solar system, it will be dangerous for the polar regions and astronauts. The effect of the solar minimum will increase lightning in the Earth's atmosphere," he added.

The space agency NASA has reported that such a situation with the sun "Dalton Minimum" could happen again. In the past, it had caused severe damage to crops. 

Between 1790-1830, the earth experienced severe winters due to the sun's minimum solar.