Google Chrome to roll out 'Group Tabs' feature

, May 19, 2020 WAT
Last Updated 2021-03-25T05:32:16Z

A new feature has arrived in the beta version of the Google Chrome browser. This is called 'Tab Groups'. This feature will be useful for those who need to open a lot of tabs in the browser.

Opening one tab after another can be a nuisance for Chrome users. So the tab groups feature will make this task easier. Google has announced that it will add this new feature to the beta version of Chrome in a few days.

Chrome users can put their favourite tabs in a group. Users can also give a customized name. You can also move tabs from one group to another by creating one-to-one groups. There will also be opportunities to move tabs from tab group or before-after. Groups will be saved when Chrome is turned on or off, just like a regular tab. So there will be no risk of losing any web page.