Mint News! Herbal properties of mint leaves

Mint News! Herbal properties of mint leaves

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We all eat more or less mint leaves , I did not know that these mint leaves have so many qualities.
Herbal properties of mint leaves!

1. Peppermint works as an antibiotic to prevent any skin infection.
2. Mint leaf juice acts as an instant analgesic ingredient.
3. Mint leaf tea is very beneficial in relieving body pain.
4. Hold fresh mint leaves near the nose to relieve migraine pain. Its smell is very useful to cure headache.
5. If a person suddenly becomes aggan, hold a mint leaf near his nose. Sense will return.
6. If there is constant hiccups, crush the pepper with mint leaves and drink rostuku. After a while, the hiccups will stop.
7. Rose, mint, amla, cabbage and cucumber extract are mixed together to make a toner and apply on the face to smooth the skin.
8. Peppermint leaves have excellent properties of antioxidants and phytonutrients that can solve any stomach problem very quickly. Those who suffer from indigestion and abdominal pain or other stomach problems should make a habit of drinking a cup of mint leaf tea after meals. Boil 7/8 fresh mint leaves in hot water and mix honey with it. You can easily make mint leaf tea at home.
9. By burning mint leaves and making ointment with ash, the gums will be healthy, the teeth will be hard and strong.
10. If you are suffering from the disease for a long time or if you have constipation, you often feel nausea. In this case, mix 2 teaspoons of mint leaf juice, 8-10 drops of paper lemon juice, mix salt in lukewarm water and eat it at 2 in the morning and afternoon.
11. Drink mint leaf juice and lemon juice together to get rid of fatigue immediately. Fatigue will go away instantly.
12. Eat mint leaf juice, basil leaf juice, ginger juice and honey together to get rid of phlegm. This mixture is also incomparable to get rid of old phlegm.
13. Mint leaves are very beneficial for a healthy heart. It prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood. As a result, the heart stays healthy.
14. Mint leaves play an effective role if gas accumulates in the stomach for any reason. Mint juice 2 teaspoons, a little salt, paper lemon juice 8/10 drops, mixed with mild hot water 2-3 times a day to reduce gas in the stomach.
15. We often feel nauseous due to bile mucus fever, acid bile, diarrhea, indigestion, colic, etc. At this time, by mixing one teaspoon of tamarind starch and sugar with mint syrup, the nausea goes away.
16. Mint leaf juice helps reduce high blood pressure. Regular consumption of mint leaf juice helps in controlling blood pressure.
16. Mint root juice is very effective as a lice killer, even the leaves. Apply mint leaf or root juice on the hair roots. Then wrap a thin cloth around the head. After one hour, shampoo and wash your hair. Do this at least twice a week. The hair will be lice free in a month.
16. Mint leaves are very useful for girls to recover from the pain of irregular periods.
19. Mint cools the skin. Regular playing with food refreshes the skin of the body and maintains a vibrant feeling. Removes dead cells and softens the skin. Therefore, paste half a cup of mint leaf paste and moderate besan and apply it on the face and wash the face after 10-15 minutes, it is beneficial.
20 To get rid of acne and reduce the oiliness of the skin, apply fresh mint leaves on the skin. Leave it for ten minutes and wash it off. Apply mint leaf juice on the affected area every night to remove acne scars. Keep it overnight if possible. New at least 2/3 hours. Then rinse. The stain will be removed in a month.
21. Mint leaf juice
helps in opening the airways. As a result, mint leaves are very effective in relieving the problems of those who suffer from asthma and cough. If you have trouble breathing and coughing too much, boil mint leaves in hot water and steam the water and make it a habit to gargle with it.
22. Stomach ailments: It is very effective against irritable bowel syndrome [IBS] and chronic indigestion. Peppermint also regulates muscle contraction in the colon.
23. Asthma: Mint contains a substance called rosemary acid. It prevents the formation of pre-inflammatory substances. The result is not asthma. It also prevents the production of prostaglandins. The rule is clear.
24. Mix mint leaf juice and aloe vera juice together and apply on the skin to reduce sunburn. Wash off after fifteen minutes.
25. Mint leaves have the ability to prevent cancer. Peppermint alcohol in mint leaves is an ingredient in phytonutrients that inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the body.
26. If fresh mint leaves are crushed and applied on the face, it can be washed off after a while, then the oily feeling of the face is removed. Acne mainly affects people.
26. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Those who have lice in their hair will benefit a lot.
26. Anorexia: After suffering from the disease, there is anorexia due to flatulence and constipation. Dislike of eating the same food for a long time. In all these cases, mint syrup (2 teaspoons of mint juice, a little salt, 8/10 drops of paper lemon juice, mixed with a little hot water poya together) in the morning and afternoon twice a day for 5/6 days, the aversion goes away. Mint leaves can be mixed with water to make sherbet. In that case you have to take 8/10 grams of raw leaves.
29. Urinary incontinence: Urine is less in many diseases. But in the case where there is temporary urination due to cold heat and sometimes there is burning, in that case, 8/10 grams of mint leaves, a little salt and paper lemon juice mixed with cold water should be taken 2/3 times a day. Whether it can be used in case of urinary incontinence in any other disease will depend on the type of disease and the judgment of the physician.
30 Diarrhea in children: Thin diarrhea, as well as pain with stomach cramps, in some cases a little mango-associated diarrhea, as well as flatulence, hiccups, nausea, urination is not easy, the child does not want to eat anything. In this case, 8/10 drops of mint leaf juice with a little sugar and salt should be taken several times in an hour. When and how often to eat will depend on the patient's recovery. The level should be adjusted in proportion to the age.
31. Mint tea: Drinking too much tea can make the body worse. Just like tea, this tea should be made with mint leaves as well as milk, sugar, pepper and fennel instead of tea leaves. This tea is delicious to eat and satisfying to play with.
32. According to Hakimi and Unani: - Eating mint leaves increases body heat. Contaminants in the body are excreted in the feces. Stomach and chest and kidney all the dirt and clay is removed.
33. Those who have low digestion will benefit from drinking mint juice and chutney.
34. Mint leaves are very useful in thin stools.
35. If you have a sudden sunstroke, you will benefit by drinking mint juice.
36. Eating mint leaf salad does not cause gas in the stomach. Is digested.
36. Mint fills the anemia of girls.
36. Breast milk increases in the mother's breast.
39. Those who are suffering from urinary problems should drink a few drops of mint leaf juice, a little salt and a little sugar in a glass of water to clear the urine.
40 Migraine or migraine headaches. Applying mint leaves on the head is good for headaches.
41. Those whose heart is pounding will benefit from playing mint leaves.

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