Mimar Sinan: The Best Engineer in History

, April 10, 2020 WAT
Last Updated 2020-05-28T08:21:11Z

Mimar Sinan is said to be the best engineer in history.
In his lifetime he designed -

  • 92 large mosques, 
  • 52 general mosques,
  • 55 madrasas, 
  • 46 baths,
  • 36 palaces,
  • 20 large inns,
  • 16 buildings,
  • With 10 bridges
and made many more installations.

The influence of Mimar Sinan is also found in churches and other establishments in Europe. Leonardo da Vinci was a close friend of this famous engineer. Andrea Palladio of the time, Michelangelo they were all influenced by Mimar Sinan.
Europe had just entered the Renaissance. The Muslim world was the center of learning. Until 1900, Arabic was the language of knowledge in the world. Knowledge was centered on the Muslim world.

Not only he was an architect, but he also participated in many battles and was later made a general because of his heroism on the battlefield. Later, Sultan Sulaiman, the magnificent saw his installations and forbade him to go to war and asked him to work only on architecture.

Mimar Sinan's most famous installation is the Sulaymaniyah Mosque in Istanbul. He built the mosque in such a way that everyone inside the mosque could hear the Imam. He did it.
It is the only mosque in history where every Muslim can clearly hear the voice of the Imam without the modern sound system of the present time. Even today it is the only pattern in the world.

When the Italian engineers of that time came to Istanbul, they were so surprised to see the Sulemaniya Mosque built by Mimar Sinan that they said to themselves:
"If this Sulemaniya mosque were ours in Europe, we would say it is not made by man, it is made by the creator."