Scientist Sir Michael Faraday

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Michael Faraday is a phenomenal talent in the history of modern science. He was a physicist, chemist and electrical engineer alike. His 'magnetic effect on light', discovered nearly 200 years ago, brought about a huge change in our daily lives. Michael Faraday was born in Newington, England, in the 1791.

"If we imagine the enormity and extent of Farad's invention, as well as his impact on science and art, we will find that he was one of the greatest inventors of all time, to find any honor that could be bestowed upon him."

- Physicist Sir Ernest Rutherford

Birth and childhood:

Michael Faraday was born on September 22, 1791 in a poor family in the Newington Butts area of ​​the United Kingdom. Farad is third in the world of four children with a caring father and housewife. Since birth, the battle with scarcity began with fury. Often he had to cross for days to starve. His father was physically ill. Tirikashi was in the mood all day long. But Farad's mother always accompanied him. Occasionally the whole week was to pass through a loaf of bread.

School Life:
After getting a little older, Faraday was admitted to school. But he was weak in his studies. Even he could not pronounce the English 'r' correctly. Friends of the school often used to laugh at him. Yet Faraday did not stop at school with the encouragement of his mother.
The mother dreams that her son will be educated and remove the lack of family. But fate did not help him. The age of the fraud is 1. Studying closed in poverty. Faraday has to find a job. A garment of dirt left for work. Soon his job became a local bookstore.

Yet the book is companion:
At first, Faraday worked as a book delivery boy. Inspired by his work, the owner promoted him to the book binder. He used to watch old books flip through the gaps at work. One day he was given the task of binding some big books. They were the third edition of 'Encyclopedia Britannica'. Faraday took a book in his hand and started reading from the middle. He can learn about electricity by reading this book. He used to experiment with what he could get at hand. This is where Farad's attempt to become a scientist started.

His new workplace:
On 1st March 1813, Faraday joined the Royal Institute's laboratory. With astonished eyes, Faraday looked at the laboratory's fine machinery. His eyes glistened with joy as he became addicted to something new. In the new workplace, Farad's salary was several times higher than before. The curse of poverty was removed from Farad's life. Faraday began to learn hand-to-hand work with Davey. He spent all day working in the laboratory. He once lost his knowledge by accident. But still did not slow down.

Michael Faraday was equally keen and scholarly in both physics and chemistry. But his first debut as a scientist was as a chemist.
In 1820 he made compounds composed of carbon and chlorine. Through this he informed of his arrival at the scientist's house.

As a scientist, his reputation spreads all around. The next year, he fell in love with a woman named Sarah Bernard. That year they got married and settled down at the Royal Institute get started.

Electric Motor Discovery: -
According to scientist Hans Christian Wearstad, the magnetic field was created around the electrified wire. That is, the electrified behaves like a magnet. Applying this theory, Michael Faraday first discovered the electric motor. He was able to convert chlorine and ammonia into gas liquids by applying excess pressure in 1823. With the help of a scientist named Ferdinand Carrey in 1862, he created the world's first commercial iceberg. Later, through the study of other scientists, a few more versions made it to our residence as a refrigerator. Although different types of refrigerators were discovered earlier, they were not suitable for daily use.

Electricity and magnet:

Faraday one day connected the battery to a coil cable. He added a galvanometer to the whole circuit. Then insert a magnet inside the coil. Immediately the galvanometer's thorns were shaking. As he pulled the magnet back out, the fork shook in reverse. He was amazed. He gave the name of this religion electric magnetic observation. But Faraday was still not satisfied.
He was trying to generate electricity by exploiting this religion. But in the first place, he repeatedly failed. Yet he did not give up. Day and night you spend time behind it. One day suddenly an intelligence came to his head. He made a strange machine made of copper. Then, after continuous rotation of the wheel, electricity was generated in the device. Faraday jumped in joy. He gave birth to a new revolution. And the name of that revolution is 'Dynamo'. Due to this, we can use electricity everywhere today.

His death:-
In 1855, Michael Faraday became physically and mentally ill. He could never work in a laboratory again. You have a long life. He fell into the abyss of death on August 25, 1867. He could not leave any children. According to his last wish, he was buried in the Highgate of London with the common people.