Bashundhara Kings 2nd DCELC National English Language Festival

In 2018, Dhaka College English Language Club Presents 1st National English Language Festival had distinguished itself from other English Language Festival in the country not only with its academic prestige but also with its organizational excellence.

This year, we are very elated to present to
you 2nd DCELC National English Language Festival, scheduled in October 23, 2019. Our dedication is unwavering to make this year’s National English Language Festival monumental with thousands of participants from different institutions. The Festival will be taking place in our very own campus, Dhaka College, which is located in Mirpur Rd, New Market, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205. With a divergent assortment of events and top notch adjudicators, we aim to make 2nd DCELC National English Language Festival outstanding and unforgettable.

Participating Categories:
1. Primary 'P' ( Classes 6,7,8 )
2. Secondary 'S' ( Classes 9,10 )
3. Higher Secondary 'HS' ( Classes 11,12 )
4. University 'U' ( Honours 1st - 4th year )

The inauguration ceremony will be held on October 23, 2019. The preliminary and final rounds of the events will take place from 23th to 25th of October, 2019. The prize giving ceremony will be held on October 25, 2019.

The event will comprise of the following competitions:

1. English Olympiad ( P, S, HS, U ) ( One Round ):
English Olympiad is one of the most renowned and prime events in this festival. It is a written test where the participants will have to answer the diverse questions on English grammar, literature and vocabulary in 30 minutes.

2. Spell Master ( S, HS, U ) ( Two Rounds ):
A collision for the master spellers. The first round is written. Top participants will be selected for the next round. The second round will be a verbal round in which the participants' spelling knowledge will be evaluated verbally and the winner will be determined from the participants of this round.

3. Word Play ( P, S, HS ) ( One Round ):
This event is divided into three segments:
(i) Anagram:
Anagram means rearranging letters to form a new meaningful word or using words in several formats by changing their faces and by using all the letters once.
(ii) Crossword:
A puzzle consisting of a grid of squares and blanks into which words crossing vertically and horizontally are written according to clues.
(iii) Word Hunt:
Find all the hidden words by using the mingled letters and beware you can leave out a letter or two to make words by filling the empty boxes as necessary, but you cannot use a letter twice.

4. Extempore Speech ( S, HS ) ( Two Rounds ):
In this event the participants have to give a speech with a short preparation. The participant will be given a topic on spot and he/she will have to give an unrehearsed speech on that. The participant will have 3 minutes for preparation and 3 minutes to deliver the speech.

5. Turn Coat ( S, HS ) ( Two Rounds ):
A topic will be randomly chosen 4 minutes beforehand the participant's speech. The speaker will give a speech in favour of the assigned topic for two minutes and against the topic for two minutes.

6. Literature Quiz ( S, HS, U ) ( Two Rounds ):
If you are devoted to reading and love literature and this event is a ought to you. Participants can participate in this event with a team consists of 3 members. There will be a written preliminary round and top 6 teams will qualify for the final buzzer round.

7. Multimedia Presentation ( S, HS ) ( One Round ):
Each team must consist of two members from same institution. Participants can use Microsoft Powerpoint, Prezi, or Keynote or any other software to make the presentation. The participants will get five minutes to present and will have to answer the questions of the judges for two minutes. So, each participant will get seven minutes in total. The participant will be apprised after two minutes and after four minutes.
(i) Participants must bring their own laptop or necessary multimedia device. No multimedia devices will be provided.
(ii) Maximum number of slides: 10
(iii) Taking more time than provided is prohibited.

Agenda for multimedia presentation:
Secondary level:
(i) Legality of morality
(ii) Facts about Joseph Stalin
(iii) Discussing the rights of the protesters
Higher Secondary level:
(i) Real heroes of Troy
(ii) Analysis of William Wordsworth's Daffodils
(iii) Human rights in times of war

8. Grammar Nazi ( S, HS ) ( One Round ):
As with all form of Nazism, being a grammar Nazi makes one part of the “master race” and allows you to overlord all other inferior human beings. The question pattern will be set up based on grammatically wrong but seemingly right sentences. There will be extra marks for hints and rules explanation for a better judgment from the participant's answer sheet. Participants will have to underline the mistakes and write those sentences grammatically correct.

9. Situational Writing ( S, HS, U ) ( One Round ):
The participants will be given a situation and some obscure figures. Participants will have to write a minimum of thirty conversations between those figures according to the situation. Participants will get 20 minutes to write the conversation.

10. Creative Writing ( Open ) ( One Round ):
i) The competitors, individually, have to write a thesis or paragraph on any topic using their inventiveness. The word limit is maximum 600 words.
ii) Participants can also submit poem under this segment.

i) Participants have to email their writing along with their information (Name, Institution, Class, Contact No, Topic) in PDF format.
ii) Multiple submissions are not allowed.

Topic: Open
Last date of submission: September 5, 2019

11. Wall Magazine ( P, S, HS ) ( One Round ):
This is a team competition consist of 3 members. Teams maybe formed with members from different institutions. The submission and reporting hour is from 9:00 am to 11:30 am on September 11, 2019, the first day of the festival. The participants will present their ideas in front of the honourable judges during the presentation session.
Size: Maximum: 6 feet x 4 feet
Base: Cork sheet
Topic: Open

12. Scrapbook ( P, S, HS ) ( One Round ):
The participants will have to compile their gathered memories in form of a book inscribing their research, analysis and make divisions of the topic and attach relevant pictures along with their description in the scrapbook. They can decorate their scrapbook according to their desire but it is expected that the scrapbook not only have figurative design but also be fulfilled with necessary informations. The submission and reporting hour is from 9:00 am to 11:30 am on September 11, 2019, the first day of the festival.

13. Marvel and DC Quiz ( Open ) ( One Round ):
This is a written quiz competition based on DC and Marvel comics which includes comic books, movies, and TV series where participants will participate individually . There will be 20 questions including Character identification, Character's logo identification, Character's dialogue identification, Movie and TV series identification and Short question. This event is open for all and participants will participate individually.

14. Anime Quiz ( Open ) ( One Round ):
One of the most exciting events of this year’s language festival. The name being said already, this event will be exclusively only for the anime enthusiasts. It will be a one round written event. Questions will be based on three popular animes.They are :

i) Naruto
ii) Fullmetal Alchemist :Brotherhood
iii) My Hero Academia

This will be a open event for everyone. So all the fellow weebs, behold for this especial event!

15. Pop Culture Quiz ( Open ) ( One Round ):
This is written quiz competition based on only the selected movies and series. Teams consist maximum of 3 members. The event decided into two segments and teams can participate in any of the segments or in all. The event is open for all and teams maybe formed with members from different institutions.

Selected movies and series for Pop Culture Quiz:

Movies segment : (i) Batman Trilogy (ii) Robert langdon trilogy

Series segment : (i) Breaking bad (ii) F.R.I.E.N.D.S

16. Mega Quiz ( Open ) ( One Round ):
This is a special event which will be open for students of all levels.

This is a team based event. Each team may have a maximum number of 5 members and teams maybe formed with members from different institutions. This will be a literature as well as a general knowledge based quiz. The MEGA Quiz is a long and harrowing event which will consist of 10-12 mini rounds from which the eventual winners will be finalized. Registration fee: 500 BDT per team and both online and on spot registration will be available. The top teams will be awarded cash prize money. The amount of the cash prize will be announced soon.

17. Photography Submission and Exhibition ( Open ) ( One Round ):
DCELC is delighted to bring you this event where participants can show their photography skills.

1. DSLR or Digital Camera.
(i) All sorts of SLRs (DSLR, Semi-SLR etc.) and digital camera photos are included in this category.
(ii) Minimum picture size is 4 MB and the file must be in .Jpeg or .Jpg format
2. Mobile Phone.
i. Minimum picture size is 3 MB and the file must be in .Jpeg or .Jpg format
ii. No SLR or digital camera photos will be allowed. If exposed, the submission will be immediately eliminated and a notice will be sent to his/her institution.

Themes :
(i) Open
(ii) Conceptual

Rules and regulations:
(i) Participants are required to email their entries. No printed or film submissions will be accepted for entry into this Exhibition.
(ii) Participants must submit caption with their photos.
(iii) Photographs bearing logo/watermark will not be accepted.
(iv) Photos can be in color or monochrome.
(v) No types of digital manipulation is allowed. Only manipulation such as colour inflation and cropping is allowed.
(vi) Each participant can submit maximum 5 photos in each category.
(vii) Participants must submit their contact number with their photos in mail.
(viii) After selecting the photos, the participants will be confirmed by Email.
(ix) 3 participants from each photography category will be awarded crests and certificates.
(x) All the participants of photography exhibition will receive their participation certificate and after the event, the photos along with their frames will be given to their owners.
(xi) All submissions are final. Further changes will not be allowed.
(xi) The participant must bear this testimony that if any violation of rule is found, he/she will be disqualified from the contest.

Submission process:
(i) Submission has to done through e-mail. the email address is:
(ii) Each participant has to mention his/her full name, institution name, level/class, photography category (DSLR/ Mobile), title or caption and contact number with the picture.
(iii) After sending picture to the given e-mail address, participants will get a selection confirmation mail.
(iv) After getting the selection mail, participants have to send 600 taka for each photo of DSLR and 450 taka for each photo of mobile photography by Bkash. Our Bkash number will be sent through E-mail as soon as the photo is selected.
(v) Within an hour, he/she will get a code number from bkash and he/she will have to send the code number to the e-mail address again and then the participant will get his/her confirmation mail.

The e-mail address:
bkash Number: +880 19 1522 6798

(vi) Last date of submission: August 25, 2019 (New date will be updated)

18. MemeCon ( Open ) ( Two Round ):
For the first time ever in the history of Dhaka College, DCELC is going to organize a meme contest here in the premises. It will be a two round open for all event, where the templates will be printed on the question paper. So, Buckle up to test your meme skills and to be in the middle of Bangladesh’s current growing biggest community of people. A chance to be the dankest of all dank memers, We Summon Every Memer Out There To Join Us. Get ready with your rib-tickling sense of humor now to be a part of this glorious event.

Rules :
i) Templates will be provided. Participants will have to make memes on the given paper.
ii) Improvisation and adaption to the template for the sake of the meme will be allowed.
iii) Decisions by the judges will be final.
iv) Religious memes are strictly prohibited.
v) Slang and abusive words are not allowed.
vi) No racism. Your n word pass is invalid inside the event premises. (N word pass will be given to selected participants tho)
vii) Participants need to bring their own stationaries.
viii) Participants will have to keep their institutional ID cards with them.
Registration Link:

19. DCELC Inter Institution Pubg Mobile Championship 2019 ( Open ):
Presenting the first ever competitive High Voltage Tournament of Bangladesh “DCELC Inter Institution Pubg Mobile Championship 2019 Season 1“ with a huge prize money award.

Prize Pool:
(i) First Place : BDT 16,000
(ii) Second Place: BDT 12,000
(iii) Third Place: BDT 8,000
MVP of the tournament ( Most kills ): BDT 2,000
The winners will be also awarded with crests and certificates.
A gamer ID card, T-shirt and participation certificates will be given to every player on spot.

Registration fee: BDT 500 ( Each Squad )

For registration details, structure and rules & regulations:

For further queries,

Ohid Reza ( )
Contact No. +880 17 1728 5283

Tahsin Sindid Chowdhury ( )
Contact No. +880 17 5429 5916

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